Stress wreaks havoc on the mind and body. Research has found that chronic psychological stress is associated with the body losing its ability to regulate its internal inflammatory response. The effects of psychological stress on the body's inability to regulate cortisol levels and inflammation greatly promotes the development and progression of disease. From a personal perspective, inflammation manifested within me in several serious ways; to include endometriosis, infertility, weight gain, arthritis, and joint tissue destruction. When we experience life’s most difficult circumstances—serious illness, loss of a loved one, infertility, or intimate partner abuse—the stress can be insurmountable. Fortunately the journey always continues. You can stoke the furnace within through the Fighting Inflammation With Fuel program.

fighting inflammation with fuel! Program

In this four week program, you will learn the foundational tips to integrate inflammatory reducing foods into your daily life. Don't worry, we aren’t going to try to implement several changes at once. We are going to build our way up to trying a few things at a time! Then, we’ll add some more steps to see what works for you and your routine and do what feels right. You are worth this time and devotion! When we take intentional and loving care of ourselves, we are better able to serve and support others.

How the program works

Fortunately, our bodies will work hard on their own to help us recover—even if we do little to help the process along. Thousands of chemical and biological reactions occur throughout the day and night to help us heal. When we are physically injured, white blood cells called neutrophils rush to the site, to ward off infection. Other blood cells--monocytes transform themselves into scavengers to engulf and devour dead tissue and help to control inflammation. If we break a bone, bone cells kick into action to knit the rough edges back together. And cell damage caused by illness and disease are mended by the same hordes of microscopic miracle workers. Our bodies are truly amazing! But even though these bodily processes are involuntary and automatic, there are things we can do to help speed and strengthen recovery. The best healing occurs when you can optimize your immune system to avoid infections; reduce inflammation; encourage the healing of skin, bones, muscles, nerves, and tendons; and build strength and endurance. The Fighting Inflammation With Fuel program accelerates the bodies healing potential!