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Have you found yourself at one of life’s difficult crossroads? Knowing you can not retrace your steps but fear moving forward? Are you numb with the pain of an illness or loss? Can you remember what a life ‘full of motivation’ looks like? Once you enjoyed life—-how can you find THAT again?

Sometimes life takes a turn and we find ourselves in a place of deep sadness, anger, sorrow, shame, fear, or grief. We feel abandoned, alone, overwhelmed, and sometimes regretful.

If you have:

  • Experienced the pain of personal illness of yourself or a loved one

  • Braved personal loss of a life partner, spouse, or child

  • Undergone recurrent miscarriage, infertility, or unsuccessful advanced reproductive technologies

  • Emerged from an intimate partner victimization or domestic violence relationship

Despite the anguish, fear, and exhaustion… relief and resilience are possible. You can thrive in the face of loss or adversity. You will move forward and restore a place of calm, peacefulness, wholeness, and reconciliation. Our body is like a foundry furnace — sometimes the flame becomes so small we fear even a tiny blowing breeze could extinguish the light. The foundry with a inadequate flame is unable to melt metal or prepare molten iron as part of the remolding process. Through thoughtful introspection and foundational transformation YOU can stoke the foundry of your being with a renewed fire!

Find out how a health and wellness coach can help.

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How can a health coach help me move forward?

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